Bank Review

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Online banks are becoming more and more popular for a number of reasons. As we move closer to a cashless society in 2017, physical locations and taking out cash is becoming less and less important to consumers. Individuals can perform … Continued

The Risks Associated With CDs

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Certificates of Deposit have been around for a while. If you save or invest your money, you’ve probably at least considered making use of a CD. Certificates of Deposits are one of the safest methods of saving money. In many ways, … Continued

Stonegate Bank: The First U.S. Bank in Cuba

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During President Obama’s landmark trip to Cuba in March 2016, great fanfare was made of US businesses including AirBnB and Starwood Hotels.  However, left unsaid was the progress of Stonegate Bank.  The firm made a historic announcement back in November 2015, becoming … Continued

How to Get The Best Mortgage Rates

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Now is an excellent time to buy a home because values are continuing to rise, which makes owning a house an excellent investment. Although slowly rising as well, mortgage rates are still near their historic lows. A small difference in … Continued

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